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Belarusian Group KAIRA Working On A New Album

Belarusian groove pagan metal band Kaira are currently workng on a new album. Details are being kept a secret by the group, but it’s certain that the album will be in the form of a musical reconstruction of the ancient Old Slavonic sagas, embodied in a heavy groove pagan metal style. This style was used in [...]

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KAIRA Documentary “On The Other Side Of The Truth” Released

Belarusian Pagen/Folk Metal band Kaira have released a new documentary of their exploits during 2016. It features great footage of the group onstage and some fun backstage clips from the making of recent official videos. Although the interviews are in Russian, the majority of the hour long piece concentrates on the visual side of things and [...]

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Kaira’s new album now available worldwide

Kaira's new album 'Roots of Veles' is now available worldwide via Amazon and national major distributors. Click the following links for your physical copy or browse any of your preferred platform for the digital download or streaming version Amazon Spain Amazon UK Amazon Germany Amazon Italy Amazon France It all started as a Female fronted Symphonic-Power-Metal [...]

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Powerhouse Female fronted band KAIRA signs with Sliptrick Records

It all started as a Female fronted Symphonic-Power-Metal band in 2006, based on the iconic persona of the lead singer Kaira and quickly evolved into a performance show the band brought life into in a time span of 6 albums, mostly released and performed in Russia. What now is a Female Fronted Pagan-Groovecore-Aggressive Metal juggernaut is [...]

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KAIRA // BY Kaira | Gomel | Belarus Melodic Metal | Pagan Metal | Folk Metal Influences: Slipknot | Rammstein | Korn | System of a down | Metallica | Lamb of God Discography: The Will Of Fate | Iron Ltd | 2006 The Wheel Of Fortune | Iron Ltd/Fall Of Eden Rec. | [...]

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